Craft Brewing


Michigan is one of the fastest growing states of Craft Brewing and Mountain Food Ingredinets can help in many different ways with many different products.

Not only can we help with your ingredient needs, but we can also help from a techincal stand point with Beer and Hard Cider Formulas, this is due to the partnership we have with many of our suppliers.


Milne Fruit Products

Milne also offers fermentable bases in domestic apple juice and pear juice. These non-fermented bases can be supplied as NFC (Not From Concentrate) or concentrate for use in beer and ciders. Juices can be purchased in a variety of packaging options including Milne’s standard aseptic drums, or bulk tanker options. Using juice allows brewers to control their own fermenting and brewing, while assuring that the ingredients meet Milne’s own high quality standards and are grown and processed in the USA


In addition, Milne has created a variety of beverage bases and additives for alcohol related products including an orange mango margarita mix, raspberry lime martini mix, a vanilla mojito and peach daiquiri mix with 10-39% juice bases. Other innovative alcohol related products include cherry chocolate cream, apricot apple cider, hard watermelon lemonade and grapefruit flavored beer


Nielsen Massey Vanilla

Nielsen Massey Vanillas, has been crafting the world's finest vanillas and flavors since 1907. The company is still a family-owned operation run by the third generation of Nielsens. Their products can be found throughout North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Australia and New Zealand and are enjoyed by restaurant and bakery chefs, breweries, manufacturers of premium foods, gourmet food shops and grocers.


Mountain Food Ingredients is a proud member of Michigan Brewers Guild


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